Work Ethic

here we are
to remind ourselves
the same thoughts
and feelings

clinging to life
these few strands
uncoiling before us
in disbelief

our request
hard at work
breaking their backs
never tiring

to this fault


The Sun

Encompassing the globe
brightening the way
life without darkness
within its own galaxy

reflected through the sky
an orb of wonder
a reliance on existence
which governs our lives

everything flourishes
surrounded by nature
the essence of beauty
worshiped by mankind


Evil has no name,
in the places that are most darkest
there you will find him.
Buried beneath, within its own creation
fighting to survive.

Born without hope
and remaining formless,
the female with her embrace
reaches out to you,
wanting to be apart of life.

Together they form a bond,
sharing in your senses
creating a feeling of contentment,
as those around you
battle their own demons.

The Mountain

Climb climb climb!
we must reach the summit
Climb climb climb!
or else we shall plummet

Climb climb climb!
we are almost there
Climb climb climb!
we must take care

Climb climb climb!
we must stay connected
Climb climb climb!
or else we shall be neglected

Climb climb climb!
leave behind a moment
Climb climb climb!
become a monument