Today is the day

for having a bbq,

the weather is lovely

and so will be the food.

All meats marinated

chicken, pork ribs and steak

kebabs, king prawn skewers

garlic bread, potatoes salad

beans, sweetcorn

food grilled to perfection

with that signature barbecue taste.


when the sun fades

when the sun fades

signals the end of day

night makes an appearance

the shapes of the clouds disappear

replaced by the stars

the light of the moon across the sky

tells of stories of the sun

as the trees sway in the breeze

the animals come out to hunt

their shadows dancing across the ground

pursuing the right to dominate the nightlife 

Love is a paradox

Love is a paradox

when ones feelings

are not of your own

but a fabrication

of society

this reality

is a manifestation of being

a recreation of essence

a parting of the way

the substance of which

echoes through

beyond all borders

the paths which we follow

to find true love