Little Church – Porziuncola, Assisi, Italy

In this church

may you find peace

and return to your true nature

the spiritual awakening

brings joy to the heart

understanding the self

feeling of freedom

a dream to withhold

A2 Poetry Poster

I’ve been working on some A2 posters.

Here is one I did for the poem “Rocks and Surf” and is available to buy here.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite poem you would like to see as a poster.


Grand Design

when I think of the grand design 

we have made on Earth like a map

creating our world

through different civilisations

similar shapes arise across the globe

throughout history as mankind progresses 

these shapes change

to the glass and concrete

the skyline of a city

mark our place in time

building the likes of which

can be seen from space