Today is the day

for having a bbq,

the weather is lovely

and so will be the food.

All meats marinated

chicken, pork ribs and steak

kebabs, king prawn skewers

garlic bread, potatoes salad

beans, sweetcorn

food grilled to perfection

with that signature barbecue taste.

a day of love

a feast for the senses

cards are sent

roses with their scent

the message of love is received

red is the passion

when all is revealed

bringing about a new hope

put into perspective given scope

each and every darling wallflower of the mind

a blessing you will find


rainbow in the sky

ever changing light

from one point to another

parting the clouds

following our dreams

destiny intertwined 

passing moments

though they seem familiar 

they are in fact unique

making memories

searching for something

that remains hidden

the meaning of life