Blackbird in the Brambles

what is that I could hear
in the hedgerow
but hiding from me was
a blackbird in the brambles

thinking back on it now
seem silly she’d be following me
but at that time
it was just her and me


Echo of Eternity

the past erodes the present
my thoughts run deep
I see now;
where it all began.

in that moment of clarity
I wait for her,
each time
we both fall in love

my soul is painted
like the skies,
I see no reason
to change that.


sunset over the hills
a rose colour
like that of flowers
dispelling their light

cloudy sky
sunshines through
have to hide my gaze
from her face

the clouds set up
as the day fades
covers us all
in a blanket

when i can no longer see
the sunset rolling in
as the fog has managed
to cover the sky

Afternoon sun
paints a picture
of clear blue sky
across mountains